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Water in Winter

Staying adequately hydrated in winter when it's cold and wet can often prove to be a little challenging to a lot of my patients, in spite of my regular professional berating, along with have you done your stretches (correctly), stopped crossing your legs yet, taken a posture break after sitting for 30 minutes, removed the wallet from your back pocket when driving and refrained from sitting twisty (lumbar and pelvic torsion) on the settee while watching Netflix.

Most people believe they've got the hydration thing covered, as they had that cup of extra strong coffee at 7am followed by a few cups of tea and a soft drink later on, it's fluids isn't it? Unfortunately, all those lovely stimulating hot beverages that help make us feel human in the morning, have a diuretic affect on the kidneys, meaning they help us excrete precious water that helps maintain our bodily fluid such as the plasma in our blood, the cerebrospinal fluid that our brain and spinal cord are immersed, and just  about all the interior and exterior environments of all the metabolically active cells in our body.

Ever wondered why you suddenly got that acute, severe muscle spasm in the back? Yes you might be a serial coffee drinker, watching the entire first six seasons of Game of Thrones back to back, and decided to stand up to put the kettle on or you might just be going about your day but on your seventh builder's tea of the day, when bam! your muscles ran out of water! Yes people get it when on a hot summer's day (what's one of them?) in the garden they might get parched and a little dehydrated but not in winter surely!?

The way around drinking freezing cold water that gives you brain freeze and is not very appealing at 6am, is mix half hot (boiled) and half cold. You then have a glass of warm, drinkable water that sets you up for the day. You can then have your coffee and tea. Remember to counteract the diuretic effects of these you have to drink an equal amount of water. To start saving at the Bank of Hydration you need to have another cup. Technically, drinking one cup of coffee you need to drink two cups of water to counteract the water loss that the coffee produces. A few more toilet breaks, I guess so! Warm water is so much easier to drink. Take a flask to work if you're doing outside manual work, keep your muscles strong and supple by having that cup of warm water. Then you can enjoy your tea breaks and pee breaks alike.

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